Bringing you the best beef possible

Using sophisticated technology and wholesome practices, we produce choice beef with top quality characteristics.

Our methods are no secret: we use the same techniques and quality checks as the dairy industry, going that extra mile to bring you top quality beef, guaranteed.

Artificial Insemination Technology

We use top quality bulls with some of the best EPD stats around, inlcuding one that has been in the top 25 list of American Angus beef bulls for three years straight.

Quality Practices

Our stock is bred right and fed right: pasture raised and grain fed with no antibiotics, steroids or added hormones ever. We are a Georgia Grown verified vendor producing high quality beef.


DNA Testing

Not only do we start with top quality bulls, we DNA test to verify that our beef really is as good as we say. From our farm to your table, we aim to produce the best Angus beef you will ever eat.

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